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The Manor Conservancy


Interested in Conserving your Property?

First, thank you for thinking about how you might take steps to protect your property from development.

There are many reasons you might be considering conservation, but know that The Manor Conservancy values, admires, and supports our landowner partners and the legacy they defend.

If you do decide that a choice of conservation is wise for you, you will contribute immense benefits to your community, including:

    • A natural legacy of land to current and future generations
    • Improved quality of life
    • Protection of scenic views and wildlife habitat
    • Support of the future viability of farming and forestry
    • Protection of cleaner water and air
    • Preservation of the rural character and natural beauty of communities in the Manor area     

Land preservation is the only way to ensure that, no matter how zoning or ownership changes,                                          your land will be protected forever.


See the Resource Links provided for more detailed information about the conservation process. Please contact our office with any questions specific to your situation at or 240-389-2531.

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