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The Manor Conservancy


About The Manor Conservancy

The Manor Conservancy is a tax-exempt conservation land trust focused on preserving the predominantly rural character of the Manor Area. 

Experienced and effective. Founded in 1993, The Manor Conservancy, together with several other land trusts in the area, has elevated the density of conservation in northern Baltimore and Harford counties so that we are now ranked in the top twenty of the most highly concentrated protected land areas in the United States. 

Where we work. The "Manor Area" conservation territory is located in northeast Baltimore and northwest Harford Counties. The area comprises the boundaries of My Lady's Manor National Historic District and includes areas of White Hall, Clynmalira, Corbett, Glencoe, and portions of Deer Creek.  

Click here to see a map of the area.

An area recognized for its wealth of natural and historical resources. The Rural Legacy Program describes the area as "well known for its scenic beauty and historic structures, including the National Register Historic District of My Lady's Manor, comprising the land given by the 3rd Lord Baltimore to his wife in 1713. The area includes many productive horse and cattle farms and the Little Gunpowder Falls, a Class 3 trout stream and important Chesapeake tributary."

What We've Accomplished

Preserving Open Space and Protecting Land From Development

To date, we have protected nearly 100 properties from development, and we have preserved over 4000 acres by:

    • Facilitating and accepting easement donations 
    • Assisting and advising landowners as they sell development rights using government programs and funding 
    • Locating buyers to purchase lands threatened by development 
    • Protecting areas vulnerable to sprawl development 
    • Organizing groups to purchase land threatened by development & reselling with conservation restriction
    • Providing information and support to landowners seeking preservation options

We have served as a Manor Area preservation ambassador by:

    • Amassing contiguous properties in perpetual easements to strengthen conservation and retain rural character
    • Recognizing individuals for exceptional efforts toward preservation of land in the Manor Area
    • Providing leadership in local & wider community to foster partnerships, coordinate efforts and increase awareness of conservation opportunities and  practices.

We underscore and celebrate the important connection between history and land preservation. 

Conservation and community connect at the intersection of cultural resources and landscape. My Lady's Manor is listed in the National Register of Historic Places and is recognized as a rural, agricultural, and historical treasure. Click here for more information about History of the Manor including projects and events.

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