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Land preservation in northern Baltimore and Harford Counties

The Manor Conservancy promotes the importance of the environment to the entire community. We want residents of Northern Baltimore and Harford Counties to have the opportunity to enjoy the land and increase the strength of their bond with nature. We are committed to permanently preserving land and nurturing our perpetual relationships with landowners.

Click here for a map that shows some of the more than 4000 acres we’ve preserved since 1993. And please let us know if you have questions about which activities are permissible in county and state parks and/or required licenses. Requirements can vary by jurisdiction and we are working to keep up with changing rules. You can always contact us at or (240) 389-2531.


Matching Fund donations

A generous donor is matching donations to our Iglehart Fund, used to preserve land that is imminently threatened by development, up to $100,000. Won't you help us protect land today?
Collected: $68,999.01
Goal: $100,000.00

Our Mission

The Manor Conservancy works to preserve the predominantly rural character of Northern Baltimore and Harford Counties, to resist the spread of development and sprawl, to guard the water and air quality, and to support and encourage groups and activities intent on improving the environment.

We support preservation and protection and these conservation values:

  • Sustainable economies: Agriculture, forestry, recreation
  • Scenic beauty: Open space and rural landscapes 
  • Clean water: Streams and Chesapeake watersheds 
  • Natural habitat: Native plants, trees, and wildlife
  • Historic heritage: Historically and culturally significant areas

The community plays a significant role through participation in conservation programs, including a vehicle called a Deed of Easement.  An easement is a legal agreement between a landowner and a government organization or a land trust that protects land and its natural resources from unwanted development. This protection lasts forever, even if the property is later sold. Learn More

AREA MAP: Click to see Area Map  Our territory extends from the core of the My Lady's Manor National Historic District, encompasses the Manor Rural Legacy Area in Baltimore and Harford Counties, and reaches into the agricultural and open space land north to the Maryland Line.

This video features our Treasurer, Thorne Gould, and several Directors and members talking about land preservation. Thanks to Willie White Media for putting it together.

A short video about our mission


Blog posts

Want to know who your elected officials are? Click here to enter your address and find out who your federal and state representatives are (Maryland addresses only).  Click here for Baltimore County council representatives.  Click here for Harford County council representatives.

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