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The Manor Conservancy


Land Owner Testimonials

"This community has such a unique stability.  Where else can you have so much beautiful open land so close to a large urban center?"     
--Steve Nelson

"We do not think of ourselves as owners of the farms for which we have donated development rights. We think of ourselves as custodians, temporary caretakers who have a responsibility to the deer, fox, raccoon, rabbit, Canada Geese, Blue Heron, Bald Eagle, frogs, minnows and dragonflies that are the true partners with this land. To see them prosper and their numbers stabilize is to us the real reward of this effort and to keep it open to our local farmers, in perpetuity, seems just."

-- Jed and Peggy Smalley

"Our passion for historic preservation started over 40 years ago when we purchased one of the few
remaining 18th century homes on My Lady's Manor. The preservation not only included the donation of our development rights to The Manor Conveyance but also giving a facade easement to The Maryland Historical Trust."

-- Frank and Kathy Durkee

"I love this valley and dreaded the thought that it would disappear after I'm gone. Now it won't."
-- Cathy Drennan

"Preservation of the agricultural community requires farmers. Farmers require land to farm. Protection of land owned by non-farmers provides fields for the farmers. It is self-perpetuating. Donating the development rights to our farm was one of the most important things we have ever done. My wife and I moved to the Manor years ago and have spent the best part of our lives enjoying this unspoiled landscape. The financial incentives were an added bonus but knowing that future generations will be able to enjoy it as we have is a great comfort."
-- John Schapiro

"The money that I received for development rights that I would never use helped me invest in a more efficient and permanent agricultural business."
-- Steve Troyer

"I always envied artists who leave something behind for posterity. When I decided to restrict the development and commercialization of my farm, I felt that pride and sense of lasting contribution. Each tree I plant, each meadow, wood lot and stream valley will be protected from the scars of sprawl adding permanence to my modest attempts at creativity. It's a very satisfying feeling."
-- James Constable

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