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Program Open Space

10 Dec 2015 2:50 PM | Anonymous


Money for Program Open Space comes from the transfer tax paid when real estate changes hands.  This money has historically been diverted for other purposes.  Program Open Space has posted this information so that people who care about land preservation can sign a petition and let legislators know how important it is. 

Dear Friend,

We know you care about our state’s leading land preservation programs. From the mountains of western Maryland to the beaches of Ocean City, every one of Maryland’s 24 counties boasts state and local parks, playgrounds and recreation centers that were founded by Program Open Space.

We need you to take action today so that we can continue to protect the places that make Maryland beautiful. You can help preserve and protect Maryland’s beautiful open spaces by telling Maryland legislators to #StopRaiding Program Open Space.

Despite a long track record of success and broad community support, Program Open Space has come under sustained attack. For years, elected officials have raided this dedicated state fund, breaking promises to save Maryland’s public lands.

Today we are taking a stand. We’re calling on elected officials to #StopRaiding Program Open Space and to establish a trust fund to keep funding where it belongs—protecting Maryland lands forever.

Be part of the solution by signing our petition now.

Make a difference and make sure Maryland’s natural beauty is preserved for generations to come. Add your name today!

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