The Manor Conservancy partners with
the community to permanently protect
the natural, historic, agricultural and
scenic resources of Manor area land.

Conservation Values

The Manor Conservancy works to preserve and protect the following conservation values:
  • Sustainable economies: Agriculture, forestry, recreation
  • Scenic beauty: Open space and gorgeous rural landscapes
  • Clean water: Streams and Chesapeake watersheds 
  • Natural habitat: Native plants, trees, and wildlife
  • Historic value: Historically and culturally significant areas

How Do We Conserve Land?

The Manor Conservancy helps local landowners protect conservation values and prevent future development of their land through a vehicle called a Deed of Easement. An easement is a legal agreement between a landowner and a government organization or a land trust that protects land and its natural resources from unwanted development. This protection lasts forever, even if the property is later sold. Learn More

Land Owner Testimonials

"This community has such a unique stability.  Where else can you have so much beautiful open land so close to a large urban center?"                                                               --Steve Nelson

"Our passion for historic preservation started over 40 years ago when we purchased one of the few remaining 18th century homes on My Lady's Manor. The preservation not only included the donation of our development rights to The Manor Conservancy but also giving a facade easement to The Maryland Historical Trust."                                                      --Kathy and Frank Durkee

Click here to read more land owner testimonials.

What we’ve accomplished: 

Preserving land in perpetuity through easements

  • We have protected 114  properties  from being developed.
  • We have sponsored 5,651 acres that are under preservation.

Preserving and celebrating Manor area history

The Manor Conservancy promotes awareness of and celebrates area history. Information about current and past projects can be found at Manor History.

What remains to be done?

Currently, there are 8,952 potential lots that could be built on 51,401 acres in the RC-2 zones of Baltimore County. Additionally family farms need preservation support so they are not forced to sell their farms for development.

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